Features :

    • All Capsule Polisher contact parts are made of stainless steel
    • Rate of output of 200,000 plus capsules per hour
    • Variable speed operation
    • Snap and lift assembly and disassembly
    • Sealed ball bearings
    • Seamless Nylon polishing net which slides easily inside the perforated tube
    • Compressed air is provided along the entire length of the finishing chamber
    • Coil Spring, positioned inside the chamber ensures continuous, forward movement of heavy and large product
    • All Capsule Polisher replacement parts, including brush, net, and shaft, can be replaced individually without need to replace the whole assembly
    • Easy cleaning and maintenance
    • All the electrical, pneumatic and the replacement parts are US made.
    • Capsule Polisher can be washed down with water.
    • Turret fitted with thrust bearing
    • Safety-interlocked acrylic guards
    • 316 Stainless steel turret